User Support

User Support

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The FPQRS is a tool that promotes the good management of the tourist destination Arví Park and the travel agency Arví, providing an efficient service that guarantees that all the congratulations, requests, complaints, complaints and suggestions presented by visitors, tourists and community before the Management, are developed in a specific order as part of its commitment to sustainability and quality of the provision of good service and operation.

Congratulations: it’s the manifestation that expresses the satisfaction or satisfaction with an official or with the process that generates the service.

Petition: is any expression of conformity or not, with the products and / or services offered by the entity. It is also any expression of proposal or request for information that anyone requires.

Complaint: is the verbal or written manifestation of dissatisfaction made by a natural or legal person or its representative with respect to the conduct or act of an official.

Claim: is the verbal or written manifestation of dissatisfaction made by a natural or legal person regarding the non-compliance or irregularity of any of the characteristics of the products or services offered.

Suggestion: it’s a proposal that formulates a user or institution for the improvement of the services.


Contact the line 018000517429 nationally or in Medellín to 4442979 extension 100.

Written physical or via email

Please send the FPQRS in writing with the following information:

  • Facts, reasons and causes of the claim, and the explanation of the rights that you consider were violated.
  • Concrete solutions you want to receive.
  • Personal information such as identification number, address, contact number and email.
  • Attach documents that support your claim, if you have them.
  • Physical documents can be delivered to the Arví Park Environmental and Cultural Center, Santa Elena district, Piedras Blancas path, El Tambo sector, near the Arví cable landing square.
  • By electronic means you can send the information to the email
  • Written communications can also be done in the suggestion boxes located in the Arví Park Interpretation Centers.

The formats for leaving a physical FPQRS can be obtained at the Arví Store, the Interpretation Centers and at the offices of the Arví Park Corporation.

Alternate means

You can send your FPQRS through the portal, User Support section or in the social networks of the Corporation and the Park.