Replicating the model

Replicating the model

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The Arví Park Corporation, thanks to a committed, applied, permanent and sustainable work, has been able to take its work model to other spaces of the city and the region with different entities, developed processes that aim at the benefit of Communities of influence, conservation, responsible tourism and the sustainability of projects.

The commitment to any project that the Corporation realizes is to integrate the local population in the management and design of the project; Planning, managing, and controlling activities; Boosting the local economy and, above all, seeking sustainability with a low level of impacts.

Likewise, the work carried out over 10 years of existence has allowed it to carry out agreements and contracts aimed at innovation, improvement of the quality of life, conservation, care and protection of the territory of influence of the territory where it is developed The Parque Arví project.

It knows the projects and spaces where the Corporation has taken its management model.

Arví Park Corporation has developed delegated management contracts with the Ministry of the Environment of the Municipality of Medellín, in order to support the development of activities that promote the improvement of capacities for the administration and environmental management of the main ecological structure: The Nare River Protected Forest Reserve, the Integrated Management District of Aburrá – Cauca River Divide, Alto de San Miguel, Medellín safeguarded Hills and Arví Park, in order to support institutional capacities for decision making To ecosystem services, where it is necessary to articulate actions with environmental authorities and other external entities, seeking the recovery and environmental sustainability of this structure to maintain and improve the supply of ecosystem services, guaranteeing the strengthening of the actors for an effective and integral management Of the areas.

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Arví Park Corporation, in agreement with the Urban Development Company (EDU), carried out a project for the administration of the Surrounding Garden of Medellín (JCM), where a business plan is formulated that achieves unity of purpose and sense of administrative direction and Within its planning horizon, in order to obtain the economic sustainability required by its operation and the execution of programs according to the search for a process of social and environmental appropriation of the territory.

This project also counted on other lines of work in which the articulation and promotion of the Surrounding Garden of Medellín with public, private and community actors, pedagogical urbanism for the appropriation and sustainability of the territory of influence of the Garden, the handling and protection Tourism, cultural, environmental, archaeological and landscape resources and the maintenance, maintenance, repairs and operations of the Surrounding Garden.

Arví Park Corporation signed an association agreement with EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) and the EPM Foundation, in order to implement plans, programs and projects that contribute to the construction of sustainable territories and a culture of citizen responsibility, in the Basins of the Piedras Blancas and La Honda streams, which supply the Villa Hermosa and La Montaña water treatment plants, located in the Protective Forest Reserve of the Nare River and in other areas of EPM interest.

This allows the Corporation to continue to monitor forest connectivity, ecosystem conservation, the ecosystem function of forests, environmental services, the use of conservation tools such as incentives for communities, the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of Forest Management of the Piedras Blancas Basin and La Honda, and to participate in all these initiatives to the community here; Providing that most of the plantations in the basins mentioned are from EPM and that Parque Arví Corporation is developing actions within this area of influence, therefore they wish to continue working through a strategy that allows community participation for sustainability Of the biodiversity of strategic ecosystems and protected areas in the district of Santa Elena – Municipality of Medellín.

The Arví Park Corporation, in agreement, the Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley has developed processes with the objective of implementing actions to raise awareness of good environmental and quality practices for the strengthening of productive units that are part of the Community Rural Tourism strategy that entails to the sustainability of Arví Park.

  • Educational and interactive educational experiences have been developed to raise awareness, respect for the environment and generate responsible behavior to promote the appropriation of the natural wealth of the Arví Park, as part of the strategic ecosystem of the Metropolitan Area, through Actions such as campaigns and environmental tours on issues related to the sustainability of the territory for visitors, tourists and inhabitants, implementation of the Arví Park Solid Waste Management Plan through strategies of good environmental practices and actions that allowed the reduction of ordinary waste Derived from ecotourism activities, sustainability audits in Standard NTS 002 of 2006 for accommodation and lodging establishments of the Santa Elena Tourist Network (La Montaña Mágica, Montevivo Nature Reserve, Casa Mosaico Hotel Boutique and The Ranch). The process to the transport company of the district TRASANCOOP.

Arví Park Corporation and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Negro and Nare “Cornare” river basins have advanced processes to sensitize environmental issues to the care and conservation of natural resources in the Park’s area of influence. Likewise, these agreements have allowed generating ecological processes in the Piedras Blancas village of Guarne, giving rise to a solid organization such as Asorgánicos.

The Arví Park Corporation and the Autonomous Regional Corporation of the Center of Antioquia “CORANTIOQUIA” carry out agreements with the objective of advancing an environmental education process that generates responsible knowledge, attitudes, and behavior towards biodiversity threatened and in danger of extinction, through Recreational activities, directed to inhabitants of the municipalities of the jurisdiction of Corantioquia, that visit the Arví Park .