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It is the strategic line that aims at the conceptualization, creation, development and start-up of the sale of tourist products in Arví territory carrying out a commercial exercise in which a marketing plan is structured with its respective market research, possible alliances , Study of prices and costs, distribution channels and media. The articulation of these elements in the marketing plan is aimed at achieving the loyalty and loyalty of customers who purchase the products offered by the Corporation and also generate a contribution to the sustainability of the Park.

The integral marketing is articulated with the strategy of Community Rural Tourism, being the productive units of the territory the main providers of services, along with socio-cultural and environmental projects developed by the Corporation.

Arví Park Corporation, responsible for the conservation and protection of Arví Park, through its travel agency Turismo Arví (RNT 24723) certified in the NTS – TS 003 standard as a sustainable operator travel agency, has designed a series of activities For the fun, enjoyment and appropriation of the Park, generating healthy, unique and memorable experiences.

Activities of tourism of sustainable nature for all the public, experiences of contemplation, enjoyment of the environment, relationship with the history and the culture of the territory and generation of economic resources for the local service providers.

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The Park has the Environmental and Cultural Center Ignacio Vélez Escobar Arví Park  Auditorium, located in the district of Santa Elena (Piedras Blancas, sector El Tambo), a few meters from the arrival station of the Tourist Cable Arví and 45 minutes from the Center of the city .

It is a space of 255 m2 created for the development of corporate, academic, cultural and recreational activities, thanks to its location in the middle of the forest, it provides the best experiences for the participants of the activities and events that take place there.

We design and operate all kinds of events, where our clients will find in their team, their best ally to achieve the success of the event and have in their visit a unique and memorable experience with the seal of Arví culture.

It is equipped with tables, chairs, acrylic boards, high-definition video beam, sound, Wi-Fi, sectorized lighting and electric curtains that allow the lighting of the auditorium to be adjusted.

It also has additional spaces such as the square of events, the paths, and spaces of the Park that can be used for additional and complementary activities that your event requires.

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As an opportunity to promote and encourage the work of craftsmen, entrepreneurs and assemblers from the territory of Santa Elena, women heads of household and craftsmen of the country, we have opened to the public the Store Arví in partnership with National Parks of Colombia.

In the Arví Store, you will find an excellent souvenir for the visitor or for companies that enjoy activities in Arví territory, made with innovative products, referring to our culture and to the care of the environment.

With the acquisition of these products, you contribute not only to the support of the families who produce them but also to the conservation of the Park.

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Generation of products and services that generate high impact in the international audiences, through experiences in the middle of the forest that allow fomenting the commitment with the sustainability and responsible tourism.