This strategic line is responsible for lifting, articulating and executing all processes related to the infrastructure and operation of the Park, quality processes, certification and technological adaptations, and socio-business support to the productive units of the territory linked to the Community Rural Tourism strategy.

Next, it knows the projects of Competitiveness of the tourist destiny of sustainable nature:

The paths are paths that are characterized by being very small and narrow, are distributed, mostly, in the territory as a memory of connectivity by the inhabitants of the area who continue to use them today.

We constantly work on the design of new roads that allow us to boost the Park's offer and generate different attractions and themes, as well as monitoring activities, environmental control and infrastructure to provide spaces that are in keeping with tourist needs.

The main tourist activity that is carried out in the Park is the trekking, that is why there are more than eight trails with different attractions, duration, and difficulty for the enjoyment of all visitors.

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The Tourist Information Points (PIT) are a network of tourist points of interest located in different parts of the country, one of them in Arví Park, created to provide bilingual, reliable and interesting information that allows the orientation of Visitors who come to them.

The PIT of the Park Arví is located in the square of the arrival of the Tourist Cable Arví.

In the search for spaces for recreation and passive recreation, there is an outdoor space ideal for resting, sharing as a couple, with family or friends in an area of approximately 1 kilometer made up of 25 booths suitable for the preparation and Food consumption, rest, and recreation.

Currently, the picnic is located in Piedras Blancas village in the area known as Chorro Clarín, one of the places preferred by visitors, which enjoys great scenic value thanks to its vegetation, trails and the clean streams Piedras Blancas and El Rosario Form small waterfalls.

It is in the process of developing a new picnic space and specialized camping in a different place to energize this type of activities.

It is important to clarify that in these spaces it is not allowed to enter the water sources.

They are places where beyond providing information and have communicative material for visitors, you can learn about the environment and relate and know the environmental and cultural heritage that is in the territory. Allows to provide experiences and know the guidelines of the visit and the place.

In the Arví Park, the Interpretation Centers are located in the two main accesses that are at the arrival of the Tourist Cable Arví and in the parking of Grajales, place of access by public highway. From the Interpretation Center of El Tambo (Arvi's arrival square), the routes are initiated and much of the park's operation is energized

It is a place that is built near the arrival square of Arví Tourist Cable and adjacent to the Interpretation Center of El Tambo, where environmental and cultural programming is offered for all visitors during the year.

The Arví Park Environmental and Cultural Center has an event auditorium, food court, Arví coffee shop and the administrative headquarters of the Parque Arví Corporation.

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They are the equipment where they develop the orniturismo, tourism of observation of birds or aviturismo.

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The concept of sustainable mobility arises from the concern for the environmental and social problems generated by the indiscriminate use of vehicles that generate large emissions. This is why, aware of this difficulty and our commitment to sustainability, actions are being taken to mitigate air pollution, the consumption of fossil fuels, the health effects of people and the saturation of roads.

Among the alternatives that are addressed is a pilot project of conventional and electric bicycles and the implementation of an electric vehicle that help to reduce negative effects and start a new model that contributes to the sustainability of Arví territory.

They are all those actions that require the new technologies for their operation, and that allow visitors and inhabitants to be connected with the world while allowing corporate personnel to carry out all their activities.

Among the technological infrastructure of the Park is:

Internet Access: The Mayor of Medellín has the objective of transforming Medellin into an Intelligent City, so they have implemented several actions to achieve access to the Internet in public places, appropriating all citizens of information and communication technologies (TIC).

Parque Arví is part of the Medellín Intelligent City program, with two free internet access points: one at the El Tambo Interpretation Center and the second at the Environmental and Cultural Center, which allow the connectivity of visitors and tourists in the area.

Interactive totems: The Park has different interactive elements so that visitors have the possibility of performing an environmental interpretation and a connection with nature from its arrival to the place. These elements are composed of touch screens located at strategic points of entry to the Park so that through a friendly and user-friendly interface, visitors can inquire and make multiple queries related to the Park and the territory.

With the purpose of standardizing and providing information to visitors in the different spaces and paths of the Park, a series of actions are carried out that allow the location and interpretation of the Park, describing in them the tourist attractions, accesses, available services, the Species and the correct direction to follow.

This signaling process is a cultural process that allows all visitors their location, orientation, behavior and knowledge of the territory.

The sustainability indicators allow highlighting the challenges and the development of instruments that allow actions to guide the mitigation of environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts so that the Parque Arví Corporation can measure the impacts of the project.

The Corporation advances in the implementation of a platform of sustainability indicators in a project financed by Colciencias with the support of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies and the Ministry of Tourism, to measure from each strategic line the progress, scope and results in The achievement of mission and vision.

It is a space created by the Arví Park Corporation to achieve the commercial development of the families of the territory of Santa Elena through the strategy of Community Rural Tourism. The Corporation develops an accompaniment and follow-up exercise to strengthen productive units and organizations registered in the market, developing academic activities, educational tours, participation in business roundtables, fairs, qualification training, brand positioning and environmental education.

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Through the implementation of the territory agenda and the management for the qualification and certification in sectoral rules of the different providers of tourist services, the Arví Park Corporation supports the strengthening of the Tourism Network of Santa Elena, a territorial and community organization conformed By providers of tourism products and services of the region, offering domestic and foreign visitors as well as the local community, activities, events, places, products and services, in a place full of tranquility and warmth surrounded by nature.

The Tourist Network contributes to the local economic development, the preservation of the natural resources and diffusion of the cultural patrimony of the district of Santa Elena.

The silletera culture is the most representative artistic manifestation of the district of Santa Elena and of the city of Medellín, this tradition is declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

The Arví Park Corporation promotes the conservation and promotion of this cultural manifestation through the realization of permanent events where the silleteros exhibit their works, as well as through the generation of spaces that foster dialogue and interaction for the rescue of the Oral memory of the territory.

From competitiveness and innovation, this project seeks through the implementation of sustainable rural households to generate good family environmental practices that contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change in the territory, making beneficiary families make adequate use of natural resources through the implementation of innovative and environmentally sustainable technologies.

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The purpose of this project is to take care of all the actions aimed at the maintenance, planning, adaptation and projection of the physical spaces of the Arví Park, in order to ensure that it fulfills its functions of providing tourist services and social projection, in suitable environments, to ensure compliance Of the normativity and to contribute to the welfare conditions of the visitors, inhabitants of the territory and officials of the Corporation.

The Arví Park Corporation has a team of Tour Guides and Informers with extensive knowledge on history, culture, environment and tourist attractions in the territory of Santa Elena. They are responsible for receiving visitors and tourists to inform them, sensitize them and guide them through the different tours and activities that can be done in the Park.

The Corporation is constantly training the team of guides in languages, heritage, environment, safety, emergency care, customer care, tourism, among others so that they can be prepared and serve the participants in the best way The portfolio of services and the visitors who arrive daily to the Park. This project seeks to provide a unique, memorable experience of the highest quality.

Their accompaniment during the tours is of vital importance, as they allow visitors to have knowledge of the territory, the environment and reduce the risks that may arise.

The Guides and Tourist Informants are located in the Interpretation Center located in the Arví arrival square, the Grajales Interpretation Center, and the Tambo Information Point.

The Corporation has a security and emergency plan that consists of a series of organized actions tending to establish schemes for the response to the occurrence of emergency and / or disaster situations. Determine: what, how, where, who.

In the execution of the same are carried out risk assessments, drills, and training so that the staff of the Corporation is prepared for any eventuality.

Seeking to improve the quality of services and the tourist destination; Facilitate the access to markets, promote the use and development of processes, techniques and quality technologies applicable to the tourism sector, as well as the change towards the consumption of tourist services of optimum quality, promote the purchase by businessmen, visitors and tourists of Products produced and supplied by the local community; and contribute to the consolidation of Colombia as a world-class tourist destination, Parque Arví Corporation has developed different certification processes in sustainability standards:

  • Arví Park certified in the Technical Standard Colombian NTS - TS 001-1. Tourist destinations - Tourist area. Sustainability requirements. 2014.
  • Arví Tourism Travel Agency certified in the Colombian Sectorial Technical Standard NTS - TS 003. Travel agencies. Sustainability requirements 2007.

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