Registro nacional de turismo número 24723. Turismo Arví.

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Amid the trees and lulled by the murmur of the wind, you can enjoy safely and under our guidance, the different paths that have enabled where you will discover the diversity of flora and fauna, culture and history, scenic beauty, among other aspects of Arví territory. Each of these paths has a degree of difficulty and some special attractions that all visitors can enjoy.

It includes

  • Transport (Medellín – Santa Elena – Medellín).
  • Service guidance.
  • Tula type bag.
  • Water bottle Arví.
  • Sanduche 4 meats or vegetarian accompanied by potato chips and natural juice.
  • Portion of fruit.
  • Insurance policy.
  • Ambulance service if required.


  • Snack: Sandwich with ham, bread, cheese, lettuce, bacon and natural juice
  • Planting a tree: Includes tree, tool, planting kit and maintenance for two years.
  • Reintroduction of Bromelias and Anturios: Includes: plant to reintroduce, gloves, shovel, fertilizer and accompaniment of gardening staff.

Promote that all the actors involved in the presentation of tourism services minimize negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts and preserve the positive impacts generated within the agency, which promote compliance with the different applicable legal requirements, contributing to the achievement of benefits for the community and the satisfaction of our customers.

We declare our rejection of the sexual exploitation and trade of teenagers, we accept the provisions of Law 679 of 2001. We also reject any practice that leads to sex tourism of any kind and child labor exploitation.

Rights of travel agencies “Turismo Arví”

  • Exercising freely their activity, without more limitations than those provided by law.
  • Using exclusively the phrase “travel agency” for advertising, distinctive or company identification purposes (the term “travel”, its synonyms and equivalent words in other languages, may only be used, such as the full or partial name of the company, for those who have the legal status of travel agencies).
  • The inclusion of information about its facilities and the characteristics of its specific offer in the catalogs, protocols, guides and computer systems of the Autonomous Tourism Administration.
  • Accessing to promotional actions and requesting the appropriate subsidies, aid and promotion programs that may be established.

Obligations of travel agencies “Turismo Arví”

  • Exhibiting visibly and legibly on the outside of the establishment or Internet site where the main establishment or the place where the administrative management and direction of the business are effectively centralized, the travel agency logo and any other element that may be determined.
  • Providing their services without any type of discrimination based on disability, nationality, place of origin, race, sex, religion, opinion or other personal or social circumstances.
  • Refraining from providing its activity regarding tourism services that are considered clandestine.
  • Having official lists of complaints and claims available to users who request them, in order to record the complaints they wish to make about the agency operation.
  • Communicating to the Tourist Administration the commercial names with which the travel agency will operate.
  • Communicating the cessation of activities.
  • Communicating to the Tourism Administration the branches and points of sale for the purposes of accreditation of compliance with the constitution of the appropriate bond.
  • Informing users about the final and complete prices, including taxes, charges and encumbrances.
  • Issuing an itemized invoice with the content provided by regulations, for the services provided in accordance with the prices offered or agreed.

Rights of the users of travel agencies “Turismo Arví”

  • Receiving truthful, sufficient, understandable, unambiguous, and rational information prior to contracting the services offered, as well as the complete final price, including taxes, itemizing, if that’s the case, the amount of the increases or discounts applicable to the offer.
  • Obtaining the documents that accredit the terms of the contract.
  • Receiving unequivocal information about the facilities or services that represent a risk and about specific security measures adopted.
  • Receiving an invoice or ticket with the content provided in the current regulations of the price paid for the tourist service.
  • Formulating complaints and claims and obtaining information about the procedure for submitting them and their treatment.
  • Going to a tourism mediation system through arbitration mechanisms.
  • Receiving information about the accessibility conditions of tourist resources, services and infrastructures.

Obligations of the users of the travel agencies Turismo Arví

  • Among other obligations, paying for the contracted services at the time the invoice is presented or within the agreed period, without the filing of a claim implying an exemption from payment.

Mayor información

  • Para realizar una reserva de este plan con tus necesidades específicas, comunícate al teléfono (57 4) 4442979 extensión 104, 105 o 136.