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What is Arví Park?

Ecotourism Arví Regional Park (Arví Park), is located 30 km from the center of Medellín (Colombia) in the village of Santa Elena and the municipality of Guarne (Antioquia – Colombia). It is an open park developed on land for public use, created for the enjoyment of the local, national and international community, through the construction of organized tourism, consolidates a conservation strategy and promotion of the potentials and strengths of its cultural and environmental wealth and archaeological heritage, silletero tradition and entrepreneurship of its people, through a proposal for sustainable nature tourism.

How to get there?

Metro / Metrocable: At the Acevedo station take the Metrocable (cable car) Line K to Santo Domingo and there transfer to Line L.

Public transport: At Cra. 42 Cll. 50 takes TRASANCOOP bus company that will take you to the Park.

Private car: Take the road to Buenos Aires, the Medellín – Bogotá highway or Las Palmas way.

When can you visit the Park?

Arví Park is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

When Monday is a holiday (in Colombia) the Park opens at that time and closed for maintenance on Tuesday after a public holiday.

How to dress?

We give the following recommendations for your visit and experience the Park is of total pleasure.

Comfortable walking shoes, preferably not made of any fabric.
Cold weather gear (15°C average) temperature.
Waterproof coat and / or jacket.
Cap or hat.


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