Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions

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Parque Arví is open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

When Monday is a holiday in Colombia, it is normally operated and closed the following Tuesday for maintenance.

The schedules of the Comfama and Comfenalco parks should be consulted directly with the companies that administer them on the telephones; Comfama (+57 4) 2162900 and Comfenalco (+57 4) 4601100.

The Parque Arví Corporation, located in the Parque Arví Environmental and Cultural Center, operates from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Access to the Park has no cost. Only the value of the guided tours that have a price of $ 30,000 for foreign visitors, $ 12,000 for national visitors and $ 6,000 for people with SISBÉN (only applies to inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley) and start from 10:00 to . m., every half hour with different duration according to the schedule. This cost only includes the accompaniment of a Tourist Guide or Informant. People who measure less than 1.20 meters do not cancel the value.

If you are going to enter the parks administered by Comfama or Comfenalco, you should consult directly with them your income values

Guided tours begin at the Interpretation Center of El Tambo, located at the Arví Tourist Cable Arrival, from 10:00 a.m., every 30 minutes, approximately until 4:00 p.m.

The duration of each course varies according to the level and distance of each path. These can be between 1 and 4 hours of hiking through the forests of Arví Park.

The entrance to the parks of Comfama and Comfenalco has a cost established by the companies that administer them. To know your income values, attractions or other information of these spaces, you should consult them directly with these entities in the following telephone numbers:

Comfama: (+57 4) 2162900

Comfenalco: (+57 4) 4601100

To consult information related to the costs of the Metro system and the Tourist  Arví Cable Car Arví (Metrocable Line L) click here.

Also, to consult information related to the metro schedule of Medellín, click here.

The Parque Arví Corporation is not responsible for the rate and operation of the Metrocable, therefore it is not responsible for changes in the values, schedules and operation of the system.

Pets are welcome in the Park, however it is important that you keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Always carry it with your necklace and chain or charged by a responsible adult.
  • If it is a medium, large or considered dangerous race you must keep it with muzzle, this to avoid inconveniences with visitors of the Park or inhabitants of the territory. The Park is a site of great influx of people, so you must ensure that your pet is not a risk to others.
  • All the needs that the pet can generate must be cleaned, collected and disposed of properly.
  • Pets should not circulate in the Arví Market area or by food places.
  • On the trails, you must take your pet with a collar and without leaving the road to avoid any damage to the flora and fauna of the territory.
  • You must carry the pet’s vaccination card and comply with the municipal health, hygiene and safety standards.
  • Your care depends on your pet returning home well, remember that it is an open space of great dimension where they can be lost and is a territory where there are other species, as well as inhabitants who also have their pets.
  • You must comply with all other recommendations given by the Guides and Tourist Informants and other Park staff.
  • You are solely responsible for the damages or damages that your pet may cause or suffer. The Arví Park Corporation is not responsible for any situation that may arise with your pet.

If you want to enter the Comfama or Comfenalco spaces, investigate directly with these entities the possibility of entering with your pet.

Comfama: (+57 4) 2162900

Comfenalco: (+57 4) 4601100

The only place that has the necessary infrastructure to camp and to develop this type of activities is the Hotel and Ecological Park Piedras Blancas, administered by Comfenalco.

Spaces such as the Kilometer Landscape of Chorro Clarín has a Picnic functionality, where currently the infrastructure is enabled so that visitors can access and use these places at the right time.

Corporación Parque Arví is not responsible for the activity of camping in the nucleus of Comfenalco, nor of activities of this type carried out in other spaces of the Park and the territory.

It is not allowed to enter the Arví Park water sources.

The Arví Park Corporation is not responsible for accidents and unfortunate situations that arise for not complying with the recommendations of use of the Park.

Arví Park is a space to enjoy the environmental services of the territory. It is important that you know that the ravines that pass through the Park, such as the El Salado stream, which is located in Chorro Clarín, flows into the Piedras Blancas reservoir that supplies a part of the city’s population with water.

It is for this reason that the entrance to the water sources of the Park is not allowed and we ask all our visitors to enjoy their experience in Arví in the right way leaving the water clean, without contaminating it.

No, this type of action is totally prohibited. All the natural resources and species that you find in your visit to the Park belong to the forest and there they must remain. Let other people and you in future visits can enjoy all the wonders that gives us the earth.

Resources such as plants and animals in the region are adapted to the climate and space of Santa Elena and take them to another space endangers the existence of the species. Likewise, it is clear that the Park has an extension of 1,760 hectares, but all these properties are from Empresas Públicas de Medellín and do not exceed private and community farms. That is why you must respect the crops, plants and elements found in private areas, as they belong to the community that resides within the Arví territory.

Yes, you can enter food at Arví Park. Keep in mind that in the area of ​​the Park you can find different gastronomic offers such as Mercado Arví and other places that are run by private.

If you bring your food to the Park, follow these recommendations:

  • Dispose of the waste that you generate in the clean points that are in the Park, or save them until you can deposit your waste in a suitable container.
  • Keep the spaces and areas you visit and clean.
  • Avoid lighting fires and fires. If necessary, do so only at authorized and conditioned sites for this, and be sure to turn it off at the end of your activity.

*Arví Park Corporation does not manage and is not responsible for the gastronomic offer offered in different places in Arví territory.

If you are going to enter the Comfama or Comfenalco parks, you should consult directly with them the possibility of entering food, in the following telephone numbers:

Comfama: (+57 4) 216 29 00
Comfenalco: (+57 4) 460 11 00

In the territory, there are some parking managed by private, the majority only running during the weekends.

Our recommendation, for you to have a better Arví experience, is to visit the Park using the public transport system Trasancoop or Arví Tourist Cable. (See How to get there?)

The Arví Park Corporation, is not responsible for damages, losses or thefts that occur in the parking lots.