Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

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At Arví, we work to give back to nature something of what we have borrowed. We recognize the impact we generate on the environment and we mitigate it by hand, planting and conserving the trees of this territory.

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The carbon footprint is an indicator that measures the impact of an activity on global warming. This environmental indicator is the sum of all emissions of greenhouse gasses caused directly or indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product. Simply put, the carbon footprint can be understood as the mark left on the environment with each activity that emits greenhouse gasses.

The carbon footprint is expressed in units of carbon equivalent (CO2eq). This unit is used because the Carbon Footprint goes beyond the single measurement of the emitted CO2 since they take into account all GHGs that contribute to global warming and then convert the individual results of each gas to CO2 equivalents.

It is important to understand the carbon footprint not only as an element of calculation but as a first step on the road to improvement and commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to contribute to the fight against climate change.

It is clear that all the activities of society impact on ecosystems, and these impacts must be mitigated by keeping the natural spaces and the species that inhabit them to the maximum extent possible.

In the Arví Park, we transfer your will of donation and mitigation to the action through the planting of trees in the territory. With this, you contribute to the conservation of biodiversity, the protection, and restoration of natural forests in an area of the Nare River Protective Forest Reserve.

We count on you!

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