Handbook of the Responsible Visitor

Handbook of the Responsible Visitor

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I am respectful and kind to the inhabitants of the territory. Respect private property.

I protect, care, admire and enjoy nature.

I allow land and remain in the forest moss.

I don’t enter streams and water sources. Let water run clean without contaminating it. Remember that entry is forbidden to streams and water sources.

I reduce, I reuse and recycle as much as possible. Deposit garbage in the right places to facilitate recycling.

I leave wild animals, minerals and plants in their habitat.

I avoid fires and if necessary just make them in allowed sites.

Take care of archaeological heritage and legacy for future generations.

I only walk in suitable and marked trails in the company of Guides and Tourist Guides of the Park.

I avoid feeding the animals that I find in the Park.

I don’t carry weapons in areas of the Park.

Use bicycles only in safe routes, places and trails suitable for this purpose.

I avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and consuming hallucinogenic substances in the spaces of the Park.

I care and I take responsibility for my personal belongings.

I am respectful of the Park staff. Follow and abide by the recommendations and they indicate me.

I informed immediately Park staff or line 123 any irregularity or emergency manner.