Arví Park diary

We invite you to learn about the activities that take place in the Arví Park and in the village of Santa Elena, allowing the visitors to find complementary activities, living experiences surrounded by nature, flora, fauna, tradition, culture, and beauty. A landscape that gives you the territory.

‘Silletera’ Cultural Week

This event takes place within the framework of the festivities of the Flower Fair in August, with the aim of generating spaces for visitors and tourists to get to know and enjoy traditional farms and silletas.

Here you will learn to make different types of silleta, experimenting through a staging, the history of the silletera culture, the collection of flowers and sharing with the maximum exponents of this tradition.

Flower Christmas

Scenarios representative of Christmas, elaborated with figures of more than 1.5 m of height lined in flowers, are elaborated by the silleteros of the village with the accompaniment of the Corporation Park Arví with the objective to foment and to know the silletera culture of the village.

‘Silleta’ Festival

The second Saturday of each month is celebrated the Silleta Festival in the main park of Santa Elena, an event that seeks to promote the silletera tradition in visitors to the territory.

At the festival you can see the creation of the silleta and know its process and history, ranging from what types of silletas exist to how it is developed and executed.

This event combines several activities focused on showing the culture of the village by means of artistic groups, the sale of agricultural products, drinks and some handicrafts from the region.

The Festival is developed thanks to the Sub secretariat of Tourism of the City Hall of Medellín in conjunction with the Santa Elena Silleteros Corporation, the Santa Elena Government House, the Local Administering Board and CEDEZO.

Handcrafts Festival

“D’mostrarte, The Best of My Land” is a festival where the production and sale of handicrafts by the inhabitants of the area is evident, allowing them to show their culture and customs through products that have impregnated all the riches of the territory Boosting the economic development of the area.

This event is created and led by the Parque Arví Corporation, the Mayor’s Office of Medellín with the support of the Tourism Network of the township.

Easter between Crosses and Flores

The religiosity and the cultural tradition is lived with the silleteros and the inhabitants of Santa Elena. Exhibits of crosses lined with flowers, religious images with the unique and creative seal of the silversmiths of the Village.

During Holy Week visit the different crosses exhibited at the Arví Park Environmental and Cultural Center and other strategic sites of the territory.

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