Arví by Bike

The Arví Park Corporation implemented a new attraction with guided tours through the forest by bicycle. We have a total of 26 mechanical bicycles and 22 assisted bicycles, said bicycles were acquired by means of an agreement with EPM.

Arví by bike is a new way to enjoy the
magic of nature in the Park.

The plan is available from Tuesday to Sunday in the days of operation of the Park and with established hours according to the type of bicycle to choose.

Bicycles may be used by people of legal age, or children from the 12 years accompanied by an adult. It is recommended that visitors have physical ability to drive bicycles.

Maximum capacity: 10 people per trip.
Departure from the Environmental and Cultural Center near the arrival platform of the
Metrocable Arví.
Acquire your ticket in the Arví Store located in the Interpretation Center El Tambo.

Dates of completion:
DeFrom Tuesday to Sunday.

Characteristics of the routes:

This is a conventional bicycle in which the user must stand constantly to keep moving.

Tour of the Ancestral path, passing through the Carabiners Headquarter and beginnings from the Camino de la Cuesta. This route reaches the picnic on the trail Ancestral where you visit a spectacular forest, you breathe pure air and much nature. There is a physical exercise in a regulated manner and stops for the hydration and rest.

· Distance: 7 kilometers
· Level of difficulty: Medium
· Duration: 2 hours
· Hours: 11:00 a.m. at 1:00 p.m.
· Value: $ 30.000

This bicycle contains an electric motor that is activated once the user start pedaling.

Route from the Metrocable, passing through the Carabiners Headquarter and ending at the Camino de la Cuesta. This tour is recommended for people who want to have an experience with a lower level of physical demand and that in turn allows them to get to know the Park and enjoy the forest and the nature.

· Distance: 4 kilometers
· Level of difficulty: Low
· Duration: 1 hour
· Hours: 2:00 p.m. at 3:30 p.m.
· Value: $ 30.000

Get closer to nature with #ArvíenBici

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